Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Comings and Goings

Two passionflower plants have died in this spot, but the jasmine has survived the summer, not putting on much height but going strong, and last week we finally got some flowers.
Each year I seem to have had plants that resisted all my efforts, and this year seems to be no exception. The sunflowers I planted have grown tall. Quite a few have self seeded in random places, and also grown well. But none of them have any flower heads:
Other things have moved on, and seeds abound across the yard, all promising interesting things for next year. Except the coriander that I may dry and use:

Stay safe. Be kind. Save your seeds.

Saturday, 30 July 2022

Another view

After being not-ill with covid last week, this week I am very ill with probably-flu and have now lain in bed for two days, practically unheard of in my adult life.
A year ago I posted an aerial view of the yard, and it looks even more lush this year, though the leaves on the persicaria is all brown and unhealthy and I'm not sure whether to cut it right back. I like the way the amount of concrete showing has decreased dramatically.
I have picked a few tomatoes but last night there was enough to adorn the pizzas (I bought two seedlings at Hulme Garden Centre when Claire visited and there was no info on them, one turned out to be a yellow tomato):
The nigella finally bloomed, which is lovely (and will self-seed Claire says):
and the tiny stocks flower, (the seedlings last year never grew and were major disappointment):
Meanwhile, in Japan ... beetle sex:

Stay safe. Be kind. If you have to stay in bed, just look out of the window.

Friday, 29 July 2022

Meanwhile in Japan

Apparently you can buy random stag beetles in the supermarket.
Monkey's term finishes on Monday and then she is off to see the rest of Japan for a few weeks, then she is flying home. After much traumatic stress we managed to buy her ticket!! I am excited to see her again, but sad for her that the adventure is coming to an end.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen ... baby cucamelons:

Stay safe. Be kind. Go on an adventure.

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Little Happy Dance

Jacob and Kerri got married this morning.
No fuss, no nonsense.
What more do you need in life than to see your son happy.
Stay safe. Be kind. Do a little happy dance.

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Four Ospreys

Little balls of fluff have been transformed into modern day dinosaurs by the addition of many, many fish. They will be taking first flights any day now. Louis drops off a fish this morning and the chicks get stuck in without any help, or even offering Dorcha first bite.
You can vote in the choosing of the names on the Woodland Trust website this week.
Stay safe. Be kind. Two out of three ain't bad.

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Sick Day

People have been dropping like flies at work over the last few weeks and I rather smugly felt like I was fit and healthy, but a bit of a cough turned out to be covid after all. The advice is very ambiguous these days, but I messaged work to say I was staying home. So I got up early anyway and sat in the garden while it was still cool and worked on my sprog blanket. Did I mention the sprog? Grandsprog number two is due in December so I am making a miniature version of the blanket I made for mum and dad five years ago:
I hoped to spot a leaf cutter bee who have been busy in the garden but only a lovely honey bee came back and forth to the lavender flowers:
White poppies are loving the heat and seem to curl their petals up at night to sleep:
I removed the Cabbage White eggs that I found on my Daubenton Kale (from the Backyard Larder) (which I thought I had posted about, but it seems not) and some tiny caterpillars on the other kale, but then I spotted this lovely Holly Blue, which is much more welcome:
Something else had obviously been visiting the garden because I found several folded leaves on the physocarpus opulifolius; I peeped inside this one to find a little caterpillar:
And, I assume, some other kind of bug is ensconced in this curled leaf on one of the fuchsia plants that appears to have been sealed with a piece of petal:
Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the cucamelon plant is taking over:
It turns out my colleagues don't mind about me having an infectious disease so, since I am not actually ill, I'm going back to work tomorrow.
Stay safe. Be kind. Try not to cough on people.

Sunday, 17 July 2022

Heatwave joys

The water buttts are empty so it's good old tap water for everybody in the garden. I moved the littlies round into the shady area in the hope of protecting them from the worst effects, and everyone seems to have survived, apart from a couple of seedlings that got munched by the slugs.
This lovely red fluffy spike flower is in the wildflower tub; I have no idea what it is but it delights me.
Here is a lovely melange of coriander gone to flower, cornflowers and lavender:
Here,  a beautiful borage flower:
And the buddleia on Dunk's doorstep has finally flowered. It started out a couple of years ago as a little weed, that got broken by passing traffic, but it was a determined little bugger and it has survived the utter lack of any nutrients or moisture to make its home four feet up some concrete steps:
Stay safe. Be kind. Stay hydrated and out of the sun.


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