Friday, 3 July 2020

100 Days - 48th day Small joys

Today a lady stopped and asked me the way somewhere. It made my day. Nobody asks the way any more. I used to consider it an important part of the job, but smart phones have made my local knowledge redundant. 

Monkey has been reading 'The Secret Commonwealth' to us this evening, while we watched the chicks preening and 'pancaking' (lying flat in the nest, almost completely invisible). Every few days when we visit the osprey cam they have grown. The other day I realised they are only a month old, it's an astounding transformation, from this:
to this:

And in the three weeks since I first noticed the sprout, the mango tree has grown to about 4 inches.
Things growing makes me happy.

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

100 Days - day forty seven Family

I picked up my computer while waiting for my tea to brew and found myself looking at the random posts that Blogger tells me people have visited in the last week. One of them was this post from October 2012 when we all descended on my sister for a surprise birthday gathering. Looking at the photo I was overwhelmed with a feeling of how glad I am that these people are my family. Love you all. Thanks for being part of my life.

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

Friday, 26 June 2020

100 Days - six and 40 Sneak Peek

First off, just look at the Osprey chicks!!!

I have a very sore knuckle from lots of scrubbing and scraping, but things are coming on, despite the unbearable heat. Sneak peek at the walls, taken at twilight:
The walls had to be scraped down with wire brushes to remove loose debris (Monkey did help with that bit). Then I scrubbed them clean, then rinsed off. Rode all the way to B&Q Tuesday morning to get the paint. I started painting in the afternoon but it was so hot the paint was drying before I could spread it out so I gave up and did some more after dinner. Tish painted early on Wednesday and I finished off last night.
Walls need another coat but it's too hot again today so I scrubbed the green mouldy bits off the back gate so it can be 'treated' (I know you come here for the way exciting photographs):
Another sneak peek at what, hopefully by next week, will be our mini pond:
I can just see that when it's all done the weather will go into steep decline and be too miserable to sit out. I think I may have killed the basil seedlings. I risked putting them outside and it was too hot for them. We got our 'thanks for working so hard in the lockdown' bonus this week; I think the garden centre beckons.

Stay safe. See you at some time in the next couple of days (maybe).

Sunday, 21 June 2020

100 Days - 44 I'm still here

It's been a meh week. The days have been long and rather soggy, and I have just been tired. I kept thinking I would write something but not being able to raise the enthusiasm. We had upped our game with the puzzles and I bought a 2000 piece one (sorry can't find link to website). Mostly the pictures are very naff if you try to go bigger, lots of chocolate box cottages and sky, but this one is a fab collage of animals.

Meet Julian, and all his friends. I thought a new name was important to acknowledge my neglect and to start anew with a different routine and better care:
Got back from collections a bit earlier this Sunday so after a recovery cuppa I got around to a bit of pottering. Claire sent some flower seeds and I potted up the basil seedling and some chilli seeds we got years ago from Wahaca. Sat for a while and just enjoyed the fact that everything is looking lush. Going this week to get paint for the walls, then the pond plan can get moving.
I sawed up one of the old pallets that we are going to make into a bug hotel, and then put up these willow trellises that Monkey and I found in Poundland.

Meanwhile, the bay tree is determined that you can't keep a good tree down:

Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Garden progress and upcycle

Got up early. Day started badly when I found that I had killed all the Daves. They had been neglected recently and their home had become too wet and compacted. I cleared out all the old rotting food and cleaned the worm bin, and have ordered new worms. Won't beat myself up about it. I planted out the plants I bought last week. The clematis and two others are in the side flower bed alongside the honeysuckle and it is looking transformed already. The Russian sage is in a big pot.
Lots of tiny wildflowers are slowly emerging in various other pots:

About six months ago someone on Derby Road put this doll's bed out by the bins. I had walked passed it dozens of time, but on Saturday I looked at it and thought, 'that would make a brilliant planter', so when I finished the walk I went back and picked it up. Tish and I visited Hulme Community Garden Centre again on Sunday and, rather than get flowers that I had wanted, we bought some herbs. I am completely thrilled with our lovely little herb garden. I tidied and swept the yard and was going to buy paint, but then the rain started again and it's a long bike ride to B&Q so I think that may be another day.

More tree joy. On closer inspection we have a fourth oakling:
And... and... the mango stone in the kitchen is now a baby mango tree!:


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