Wednesday 3 February 2010

Wednesday Poetry

Today's post is devoted to Rachel Fox at her Crowd Pleasers website (or try her blog, entitled 'More About the Song' after her lovely book)

(image from her book cover, from an etching by Steph Masterson)

I found her by some mysterious process of random browsing from book bloggers to writer bloggers. On the spur of the moment I bought a copy of her book and have really loved it. She sent me a set of her wonderful poetry post cards with the book, such a lovely idea. I plan to mount them in some way and put them on the wall. The book is a quirky mix of observations on modern life. Even the 'blurb' on the back is a poem. I like poetry that makes you smile at a moment of recognition or subverts your everyday understanding.
Two examples to tempt you to discover more:

Bad Interview Technique
What is it they say?
Imagine them naked
At the job interview
And I do
But it's not bare bodies I see
It's stark naked souls
Most disturbingly
It makes me twitchy
And unlikely ever to gain employment

Significant other deceased
I wasn't ready
You're gone too soon
The kitchen's quiet
Lost its tune

I'm not prepared
No good alone
Why is it you
Who won't be home?

You're ripped to shreds
I'm picked apart
My love is gone
My love, my heart

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  1. Just doing a Sunday round-up and found this! Thanks very much - glad you're enjoying the book and cards.


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