Sunday 23 January 2011

Dunky Jumpy

So the jumper is all done. I found this lovely series of videos on Youtube that goes through the entire process of constructing a raglan sweater, very helpful and some good advice for next time, since I only watched them to check about making the yoke section and had already knitted the main pieces. Here are the body and sleeves prior to joining together. I think it may be a feature of being left handed but my knitting in the round always comes out inside-out.
I do not own any stitch markers and since you need to mark the point between the body and the sleeves for the decreases I had to improvise some; these are made out of plastic bag ties:
Here is the jumper pieces together on the circular needles.
And here it is all finished and tidied up. It was a bit worrying that when I did the decreases I found that, even though I had been counting rows very carefully, by the time I reached the neckline I had the wrong number of stitches, but I carried on regardless and hoped it would come out ok.
And it fits.


  1. well done Martine, Dunk looks very rugged!

  2. It's lovely!! It's really really really nice and looks good!! Wow!! Take care

  3. Wonderful job! I use safety pins as stitch markers - not to pin the garment, just slip them onto the needle and slip across as needed.

  4. Well done!!! I like seeing it come together over the post ... and I love that you had a model for it.

    My grandmother taught me how to knit three times, but it never stuck. I would do good for a week, stop and then forget what to do. I always thought being left-handed might have messed me up.


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