Monday 30 April 2012

Z is for Zealot

He sat before the mirror, breathing hard, blood trickling down his cheek. The face that stared back was pale but the eyes shone with triumph. It had started as a joke by one of those kids, but they would see now that he was serious. They couldn't make fun of him when they saw this. He pressed firmly on the cut with a swab of tissue then leaned over the sink and washed the blood away. Then he carefully dried and examined the raw wound. He had made a neat job. It would heal into a perfect lightning shape scar.

(Linking back to the A to Z challenge, for the final time today)


  1. Ouch! A fabulously dark story to end your A-Zing challenge! Yay!!! Thanks for sharing all your fabbo flash fic - enjoyed them immensely! Take care

  2. I have really enjoyed the few flash fics I've recently discovered and read. Sorry it is at an end. I look forward to reading A-U.

  3. Wow...this was powerful. Coming into this at the end, it looks like a young person is practicing "cutting" as a response to not being accepted? Zealot... good title for the post :-) Nice job, Martine! :-)

  4. Brilliant end to your challenge, love it :)

  5. Wait...are you saying Harry Potter faked it? ;)

  6. No:-), it was kind of in response to a recent article about women getting plastic surgery to look like Barbie, the idea that fans can take things to an extreme sometimes?
    thanks for the feedback on the A to Z challenge, it has been fun
    much love


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