Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Big sigh of relief all round this morning to find that Obama was re-elected as President of the USA yesterday. I don't watch a great deal of news but it felt like the Romney campaign was shouting so loud that they had managed to drown out any voice of reason. While in reality they are all just part of the massive corporate machine, and it is scary that so much power, particularly economic and military, rests with one person, at least I feel as if Obama has some basic humanity about him. 
Back to the novel now.


  1. I logged into my pc first thing this morning dreading the result and did a big happy dance "YAYAYAYAYAYYAYY!!!" when I read the news!!

    Take care

  2. I wish I were as pleased.

    It's not that I wanted Romney - far far from it. That would have been bad.

    But we're a long way from the hope and promise of Obama's first election victory - more a case of the best of an uninspiring duo.


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