Thursday, 16 January 2014

What's happening?

Alternatively titled, 'From Caller's Office to Customer Service Point'.
I worked the Caller's Office last wednesday evening.
Foolishly I took a book thinking I would get a brief break.
It is the only day we are open late, so the 'after work' callers formed an orderly queue that snaked out of the door 
and round the corner.
One man stormed off in a huff when he had no ID to match either the name or the address on the parcel, 
I told him it was my first day.
One woman sighed impatiently when she enquired and heard to 
the affirmative that I was working solo.
One girl waited (she said) 45 minutes to be told she had a Parcel Force card and it was the wrong office (it probably said quite clearly on the card where to go.)
The oldest card was the dated 5th December, the newest a mere hour and half previously with the instruction to wait 24 hours 
before calling on the reverse of the card.
Kevin (who was shelving the returned parcels in the back) 
stepped in patiently every time I panicked 
or was looking in the wrong place.
Five hours without pausing for breath.
On tuesday six managers came to the office 
to tell us what's happening.
Hold on to your hats parcel customers of Rusholme, 
Withington and Didsbury.
It will all be done by Easter they say.
Have they never watched Grand Designs?
It will take til Christmas, cost at least 50% more than they think 
and someone is going to have a baby.
It definitely won't be me.
There will be sliding glass doors and a plush new counter 
with a 'welcoming atmosphere'.
Screens will inform you of all the exciting products that 
Royal Mail have on offer.
All packets will be logged by computer and retrieval 
will be swift and efficient.
But most importantly there will be room to wait out of the rain.

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