Monday 17 February 2014

The Year of the Monkey

Anything that happens in our house is a good reason for cake, but celebrations are the best reasons. The daughter formerly known as Creature has now been promoted to 'Monkey'. Alongside her application to drama school this year she applied to The Fourth Monkey Theatre Company
to join their training program, which is called 'The Year of the Monkey'. On Saturday the 1st of February she went to London for an audition. On Wednesday 5th I was at Claire's when the email arrived that offered her a recall. She returned to London on Sunday 9th for a group audition and then we waited impatiently for a week for the promised decision. Yesterday afternoon the 16th we counted the hexipuffs and realised we had 298, so we sat and knitted one each to reach 300. After she finished Creature went to check her email yet again and there was a message that said she had "made an exceptional impression on the entire auditioning panel" and offered her a place. Along with all the normal theatre stuff she will also do circus skills, stage combat and film making, and then at the end of a hectic year of productions in London they will perform at the Edinburgh Festival.
So she now gets to call herself a Monkey (participants unofficial title). 
We have done a lot of jumping up and down with excitement and then been very sensible making plans for saving the money for the fees and hunting for trusts to apply to for grants. I had spent the morning listing items on ebay because they had a free listing weekend; I can see it's going to be a regular activity over the next few months.

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