Sunday 26 July 2015

Who will run the frog hospital?

I read 'Self Help', stories by Lorrie Moore, last year and I added 'Who will run the frog hospital' to my 101 Books list almost entirely on the strength of the wacky title, it's irresistible. I seem to have read quite a few first person narratives recently and am beginning to find that they have specific feel, a quality that is weirdly similar from book to book. I wanted to like this book so much more than I did, and I can't figure out why, and as such have had three sentences of a review written for a fortnight with no inspiration to finish it. 
Monkey tells me I shouldn't beat myself up over it or turn it into a chore, so I won't.

"The week she was hired as Cinderella, Sils made a painting of this, what we'd done with the frogs those years before. She painted a picture in deep blues and greens. In the background, through some trees, stood two little girls dressed up as saints or nurses or boys or princesses - what were they? Cinderellas. They were whispering. And in the foreground, next to the rocks and lily pads, sat two wounded frogs, one in a splint, one with a bandage tied around its eye: they looked like frogs who'd been kissed and kissed roughly, yet stayed frogs. She framed it, hung it in her bedroom, and titled it Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?" (p.18)

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