Tuesday 22 May 2012

Functional felting

The last time I visited my sister she was thinking about buying some new table mats and I jumped in enthusiastically and offered to felt some for her. This was a few months ago now and I started them with good intentions but then ran out of steam. She is arriving this evening to stay for a few days so I promised to get them finished, and this is the project I have been working on today. I used undyed merino roving for the background with a variety of designs created in reds and purples. There are six for place settings and a larger one (in the middle) for a serving dish. One of them did come out a slightly different shape ... but that's the joy of the unpredictable nature of shrinking wool fibres. 
We might just do some coasters to match while she is here, if we can drag ourselves in from sitting in the garden in the sunshine.

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