Friday 25 May 2012

Hexipuff madness

Since finishing the crochet blanket last week I have made a start on another project; it is called the Beekeeper's Quilt and is made up of hundreds of little hexipuffs (hexagons lightly stuffed with little bit of fleece), and everyone is being pressed into service. It is made partly from leftovers and partly with some new yarn and is going to be quite a long term project. The idea is that it will be for Creature to take away with her when she leaves home (I keep threatening to make her go to university but then she keeps threatening to stay living with me forever.)
So a lazy Thursday afternoon was spent by my sister Claire and I knitting in the garden (that's Creature having returned unscathed from her dreaded poetry exam). The garden is so green and lush it looks idyllic, you can't even see the houses at the back, but the tree did not provide quite enough shade and I have slightly burned shoulders.
While browsing other projects on Ravelry I came across the idea of making the hexipuffs into a cushion, so Claire and I spent the afternoon making seven slightly larger puffs to create this fab cushion to make her desk chair more comfy.

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