Monday 27 May 2013

Ginger Nut Blondies

Having had such a success with my first attempt at blondies the other day, I decided to experiment; it is a cake format that begs to be tinkered with. Since adding oreos is a routine adaptation of the basic recipe it seemed an obvious move to try adding other kinds of biscuits.
So here is my improvised recipe for 
Ginger Nut Blondies
4oz butter (the consensus is, definitely not margarine) 
6oz soft brown sugar (light or dark to your own preference)
Soften the butter and beat together 
(some recipes melt the butter I guess you can do either)
2 eggs
(I only had medium eggs, most recipes say 1 large egg)
 teaspoon of vanilla
5oz plain flour
pinch of salt
1 tsp baking powder
about a dozen ginger nuts chopped into chunks
(the packet was 250g and I used about 2/3 of it)
(don't crush too small or they will just dissolve)
The mixture should be very thick, spread it in a greased and lined 8" square tin,  
bake at 170┬║ for 25 mins.
It had the result that I hoped for that the chunks of biscuit softened and give a lovely chewy gingery texture. 


  1. Oreos? Hmmmm!!! I may try both! Not together, one oreo, the other ginger nuts! How lovely - thanks for the recipe. Take care

  2. Yum! Oreos scare me, as I cannot comtemplate a biscuit whose colour scheme echoes the giant panda, but we love ginger nuts and these look exciting. Thanks for experimenting, I'll give this a go!

  3. Oh, my, this looks good. Will definitely try the recipe.


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