Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hasta la vista baby

My bag is packed and tomorrow I will be jetting off to ... the rain. The green season has started in Costa Rica, though it mostly rains in the afternoons and it is still the tropics so we are not expecting to be chilly. One creature I am really looking forward to spotting is a sloth. Apparently it is quite rare to see them in the wild, they are very reclusive, but mum and I plan on spending quite a bit of time in the jungle so I am hopeful. They have a sloth on the 10,000 colón note.
The girls have both made contributions to the trip. Tish gave me some linen trousers and a top that we bought for her when she went to Borneo, and these fabulous 'leech socks' that she acquired there. I am relatively un-squeamish about most creepy crawlies but leeches are the one thing that really freaks me out so all efforts will be made to avoid being suckered.
And Monkey donated her backpack when I said I had been thinking about buying a new one for the trip. I wanted something a little more hippy so I have spent a couple of evenings embellishing it with some embroidery. 
It is going to be an adventure. I feel a little wild and reckless
See you in a fortnight.

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  1. enjoy the adventure :) sounds great!


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