Friday 2 April 2010

blogger (a poem)

In the world of blogger
there are
6,270,000 students
who should be concentrating on their studies
227,000 writers
not getting on with their novel
16 wild swimmers
sitting at home warm and dry
31,000 inhabit Dallas Texas
but a mere 10 hail from Sofia City (Bulgaria)
I was surprised that only 34 bored teenagers
declared themselves as inhabiting
'the middle of nowhere'.
Frank Zappa can claim 58,900 fans
where 5,100 love Joan Armatrading
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest is relatively unknown (153)
but Pride and Prejudice has a huge fan base (623,000)
41,300 appreciate the falling rain
but only 50 will collect those fallen rubber bands.
There are 8,300 vegans and 8,600 vegetarians
but only 1,400 are real garlic aficionados.
44,200 like school, but I think some of them must be lying
(7,000 are adamant unschoolers too)
3,780,000 read the bible
fortunately 6,830,000 read at all,
so there must be plenty who have found other books more valuable.
4 people adore blackberry jam,
but I have to add myself to this figure
so five really.
And add me too
to the list of 3,300 who admire the work of Monty Python
338 have found their salvation in monasticism
so what are they doing on a computer
whilst 4,200,000 still find politics a worthwhile pursuit
some 61 of them are bullshitting
and most worryingly
only 26 people are concerned about keeping sane
Lizz alone is somewhat fond of thistle down.

(All statistics taken from Blogger profile searches and may be subject to alteration without notice. No responsibility will be accepted for the consequences of contacting like minded people via the Blogger network.)

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  1. LOL - That's great, Martine! Thanks for the insight and the laugh!


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