Saturday 19 January 2013

4th Blogiversary

It has been a year of tea and books. So much tea. As you can see I finally solved my bedside bookcase conundrum, well, sort of, at least they aren't piled on the floor any more and I have somewhere for my cuppa.

This year's stats:
147 posts

total number of visitors now standing at just over 60,000!

The top posts remain the Lizard Cake and Margaret Atwood Poetry, though the tutorial for the cake is catching up fast and strangely last year's blogiversary post is now 4th. The highest newcomer is the HESFES holiday post from July, although I don't find many people searching that specifically. I did discover that it was my mum searching my name (they have no bookmark on my blog), so that's ok, I haven't got a stalker.

Over 60 books read
1 novel written (more finished than the last one but still nothing to write home about)

1 cable jumper
1 shawl
1 waistcoat
1 pair of slippers
3 pairs of socks
1 hoodie
1 baby hoodie
1 baby cardigan
1 purse
Half a hexipuff quilt
Half a new Dunky jumper

1 blanket

Some felted table mats for Claire but no spinning. Little bits of sewing and an abortive attempt at artistic creativity.

Various animals have come and gone, some deceased, some moved house (belonging to Tish), though we remain in charge of Andie the rabbit.

One car finally sold for scrap, after being owned for over 10 years and after standing on the drive for over a year.

New jobs contemplated and one even applied for but unfortunately still stuck with the old one (we were threatened with an office move but that is on indefinite hold now).

The loft and wall cavities have been insulated, the garage roof repaired and the kitchen tap fixed ... all jobs that have needed doing since we moved in. Oh, yes, and my wonderful curtain rails as well, they were another long overdue job (still enjoying opening and closing them every day).

Looking forward to another year of random blogging.
(Updated 22.50 as Dunk insisted it was lazy not to add links to all my knitting projects.)

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