Friday, 4 January 2013

Fluffy and Cuddly: Fibre Arts Friday

Happy New Year dear readers.
I had been joining in with Fibre Arts Friday a few times (over on Wisdom Begins in Wonder) but couldn't cope with the pressure to produce something. I have spent far too much time over christmas doing mindless browsing and watching mediocre films. 
Since Tish finally moved back out a few weeks ago we have been taking care of her rabbit Andie (not to mention Trixie and Nixie the snakes, who are less fluffy and photogenic). Having lived in the shed for the summer I moved her into the porch because it is warmer and more accessible for taking care of her. She goes wild with excitement when you open the hutch to give her a chunk of carrot and then tips her bowl of food everywhere. Am thinking of putting up a warning sign for the postman as I have been leaving her to run loose. Her fur is too short for spinning but she is beautifully fluffy nonetheless.
 I have done a few hexipuffs but the knitting has been very sluggish recently.  I made Dunk his Dunky Jumpy two years ago and had been thinking of doing him another for a while, so I have been working on a cable jumper in some merino/cashmere from Kingcraig (the pattern is called Italianate Cables from Interweave Press). I really enjoyed making my yellow cable jumper and wanted another challenge but I confess it was started back in September and has been sorely neglected. The back and front are finally complete and joined together, planning to get the sleeves done in the next week or so. I am hoping he will be just as cuddly in this one. (Found it impossible to get a photo that shows of the cables properly but never mind.)


  1. Ah, that bunny is adorable. You know, I'd prefer to have a short haired bunny. Those Angoras can be a pain.

    Getting a photograph of dark yarn is hard. The cables look great.

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