Sunday 6 January 2013

Milestones and Mubi

I spent a pleasant afternoon after christmas folding the pictures from old calendar into these fun little boxes, using the instructions here. I had been thinking about it since the year before and had saved the 2011 calendar as well. They are pretty but I don't have anything in particular to use them for.
Creature and I have been working on the hexipuffs while watching films together the last couple of days and we have reached the 200 milestone. Laid out it measures 130cm by 90cm. There are a couple of very odd shaped ones, which of course Creatures is obstinately attached to just because I want to leave them out, but mostly we are thrilled with how it is turning out. 

We have been watching films online on a service called Mubi, that Dunk discovered. It is like Lovefilm or Netflix, but not. You subscribe for, I think, £2.99 but then have a selection of thirty films; a new one is added each day and the oldest one is removed (though I think some popular ones do come round again on a regular basis). They have an eclectic mixture of the well known, cult films, old 1950's or even black and white, films in foreign and worthy documentaries. So we watched part of Sin City, but had to stop because I found the violence a touch gratuitous (and Bruce had been killed off anyway), so we then watched Chocolat and then Heathers, then Incendiary on lovefilm, which was really enjoyable and more subtle than it at first appears. This morning I watched Two Lovers on Mubi and when Creature came down Mirror Mirror on lovefilm. I have been a bit disappointed with Lovefilm Instants, it promises much and delivers little; their selection to watch online is very limited and mostly crap or soft porn. Creature left me to it again so I will probably pop back to Mubi and watch Bend it Like Beckham.

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