Sunday 28 April 2013

The Second Half - Dewey's 24 Hour Read-A-Thon

It's been a long night, I had a sleep, then Creature had a sleep. She keeps waking up and chatting for a moment and then falling asleep again.
I finished reading 'The Hours', what a wonderful book. 
I feel inspired to re-read Mrs Dalloway.
226 pages
Creature has read to page 180 of 'She's Never Coming Back'

Am moving on to 'Y' by Marjorie Celona
There has been cake and more tea, and I think, now more tea. I have gotten my second wind after my earlier sleep and am feeling perfectly awake.
Hope the night is going well for everyone (though it is probably not night yet for some people.)

Finally flagged at around 5am and slept for a couple of hours, woken by Dunk taking a photo of me asleep.

Read pages 1 - 141 of 'Y'
For a change of pace I picked up 'Horoscopes for the Dead' by Billy Collins 
and read most of the 103 pages.
Will give you this very short one that amused me:

The woman who wrote from Phoenix
after my reading there

to tell me they were all still talking about it

just wrote again
to tell me that they had stopped.

Creature finally woke up and is now at page 274 of 'She's Never Coming Back'.

Creature finished 'She's Never Coming Back' - 393 pages
We ate the last of the cold pizza. Creature has had to go to work again.
I am still reading 'Y' - currently at page 219.

The end.
49 - 81 of 'This isn't the sort of thing that happens to someone like you'
Up to page 264 of 'Y'

Total pages read by me - 870
Total pages read by Creature - 513
Congratulations to everyone who joined in, this has been quite an exhausting experience. Going for a shower and a sleep now.

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  1. You look comfy-cozy! Hope you enjoyed your nap and that it rejuvenated you for the rest of the readathon! You can do it!!


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