Tuesday 20 February 2018

Welcome to Old Trafford

Dear blog, I am so sorry I have abandoned you for so long, but we have been moving house. It has all been very stressful and hard work and I have been too exhausted to read or knit, much less write an actual blog post. Things are finally beginning to calm down. The boxes are mostly empty, and it is a bit worrying that there are a few things we still can't locate. I'm sure it will all be fine. As we get used to where Monkey put everything in the kitchen and I adjust to my extended ride to work, we can also appreciate our new surroundings: this fabulous mural adorns the side of a house just down the street, and the Hong Kong Chippy on the corner of Henrietta Street is set to become a regular haunt.

Many, many new crafty projects are in the pipeline for the new house, some functional, some purely decorative, from new bath mats to a fire screen. When we put all our crafty stuff in one place it was quite worrying how large the collection was, however we are fortunate enough to have a cellar which is becoming a craft room. I have managed to re-read 'A Month in the Country' by J.L. Carr that mum bought me for Christmas, and that I read many years ago when I joined a book club in Stow-on-the -Wold. It is a mere handful of pages long. Meanwhile Monkey has finally arrived at the end of Anna Karenina that she first started reading eight years ago. I have struggled to concentrate on reading so will probably stick to less demanding books for a while. And there is still so much white wall space just crying out to be covered in something.