Thursday 27 July 2023

Garden Chaos and Flowers

Feeling slumpy ... and damp. It has rained for weeks. Went outside and the plants have been loving it.
I failed to prop up the tomatoes so they are just lying on top of various other stuff ... but lots of fruits:
The sun shone briefly and made some flowers glow:

I have read some books ... but mostly have been to work then slumped.
Stay safe. Be kind. Try not to slump.

Saturday 1 July 2023

July in the Garden

Above is the flower that has emerged from a 'decorative' carrot plant, one of many things that survived the winter and has just quietly been doing its own thing.
Below is something else that overwintered, it is chicory catalogna gigantic di chioggia from Vital Seeds. I found the leaves quite bitter so just abandoned it, then in the spring it started growing again and put up this huge statuesque shoot, about 6 feet tall:
I waited several weeks for the flowers to emerge and they are a complete delight:
I have been planting seeds on and off over the months. There are some meagre basil seedlings on the inside kitchen windowsill but the nicotiana on the outside are coming along quite well:
I chopped down the triffids the other day because the flowers had finished but the garden has another monster ... the squash:
which has also finally put out some flowers. I am excited to see what fruits I might enjoy later this summer:
The garden blooms on all over, enjoying the warmth and the regular rain:
Stay safe. Be kind. Grow something tasty.