Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Baby Blanket

The baby has more hats than she needs so I decided to make something with a little more long lasting. This is the part felted blanket. It is nuno felted on a piece of muslin. We (that's Tish and me) layered un-dyed merino on one side, which I rolled for a while so it was safe to turn over. Then I made a design on the other side with some blended red/orange/yellow/pink edging and some plain dark red in the centre. Tish and I then rolled it back and forth to each other across the living room for most of X-Factor on Saturday night.
This is the finished article after it has been soaped and shrunk.
Just for the record it shrank from 150 x 90cm to about 100 x 60cm.
And I think i might want to keep it now as it is really wonderfully cuddly and soft. Maybe I can just hold it for a few days until we go back to see the baby again:-)

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  1. Tis a beautiful blanket.

    i wanted to leave a comment when ou first posted this but had bugs on my old computer which prevented it.


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