Friday 23 July 2010

Been away in the rain

Our trip to Wales was cancelled by a hurricane that destroyed Julie and Al's tent, added to which our tent was also wrecked by a storm at HES FES, so it looked like it was going to be a sad and boring week off. However Julie was undaunted and she fitted out an old tent and found us a lovely site at Bishop's Castle. I dug a *very ancient* possibly-three-man-tent out of the loft and we all congregated at the site at Foxholes farm. Blazing sunshine was swiftly followed by lots of rain .... and then more rain. Wednesday we took our lives in our hands and walked to The Devil's Chair (this is me and Tish clinging to the triangulation point at the top).
And here is the whole gang, just before it started to rain on us again (including M in her pyjamas ... she changed her mind about coming as we started the car!). We adjourned to the Bog Visitor Centre for tea and home-made cakes and ice-cream and rhubarb and ginger jam.


  1. You notice how R and I maintained our optimism by wearing sunglasses throughout?

  2. Something very exciting about taking on the elements!


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