Monday, 23 August 2010

New baby:-)

Here I am after work today cradling my new baby. My big baby (aka Tish) is off to university in two weeks and is expecting to take the decent laptop with her (for a price says I) so I have invested in a 'new' (reconditioned from the Apple store) Macbook with a brilliant magnetic power cable and fancy new trackpad that scrolls and zooms and moves windows around. So everyone has to keep their sticky fingers off ... only I'm allowed to spill tea on it:-)


  1. Everyone in our house calls my Mac 'mum's baby', and knows it's strictly out of bounds, - enjoy your very special relationship with the new addition to your household! (I like the Royal Mail product placement in your photo!!)

  2. Synchronicity? Yesterday Al and I bought a new laptop.It has been nice having Sadie home from uni, although what I have noticed is that her laptop gets used and there are less fights about the one computer we usually have in the house. So we bought a cheap Compaq yesterday, and a printer that works.
    I'll just sit here and wait for snarky comments about the fact that we don't have Macs... :-)

  3. Aw, congrats on the new baby - remember go easy on the sugar in your tea for the next while - till it gets a bit older.


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