Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The big ONE SIX

We had a very quiet 16th birthday for M on Monday, just the three of us eating a weird cake. I intended it to be like children's building blocks and build a little tower, unfortunately they kept falling over so had to stack them up. She had planned to stay up for 24 hours from her birth time of 5.07am, so we got up for pancakes very early, but then decided it was a bit silly so we went back to bed, I don't normally get up until after 6. We had pressies and cake when I got back from work. Today she says she doesn't want to be a grown up, it's too scary, when I threatened that she had to go to the bank by herself to pay a cheque in:-)


  1. i agree!!! being grown up is too scary!!!

  2. I thought cheques were being slowly phased out?

    Aw - it's a lovely cake, very unique! Happy birthday to M.

    Take care

  3. My littlest - I mean youngest! (he's bigger than all of us now!) - was 16 on 10-10-10 - how did that time whizz by so fast?!! How did he get to be so tall?!!!

  4. I love the idea of staying up for the full twenty four hours of a birthday, Early mornings aren't a problem but I can't see myself managing the late night. Growing up is scary but does have it's upside - who amongst us wants to be a teenager again?


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