Tuesday 19 April 2011

Tree of life

I have not done any felting for nearly a year! I bought a batch of new roving in some lovely dark jewel colours from Forest Fibres quite some time ago (well before the house move) and have had vague plans but no specific inspiration. I found my inspiration at RavenWood Forest who has some lovely tree images that she draws displayed on her blog. And so I decided to do a Tree of Life design, it is a traditional image that symbolises the interconnectedness of life on earth.
The background is made with two shades of purple merino, the tree in black and the leaves cut from the pre-felt that I made last year. It was at least 1m long laid out on the living room floor. It is a bit wonky shaped in the end but the whole 'organic' thing that home made felt has is part of it's charm for me. I am planning to find a nice small branch to mount it on


  1. so beautiful Martine it really is charming!!

    I haven't started reading the book yet but am planning to this week.....

  2. Really lovely, and the wonkiness is definitely part of the charm. Right-angles are so overrated.

  3. Oh, pretty things. You are clever!


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