Thursday, 31 May 2012

Moonrise Kingdom, doughnuts and camel yarn

So Creature and I have had a busy couple of days since she finished her exams. On Dunk's recommendation we went to see Moonrise Kingdom at The Cornerhouse. It is a wonderful quirky story, set in an isolated island community, where a young boy escapes from scout camp and a young girl disappears from her home, and they set off along an ancient native american trail with a suitcase full of books, a record player and a cat. Bruce Willis is the local policeman who leads the hunt for the missing children and Tilda Swinton is very creepy as 'Social Services'. Suitably uplifting and life affirming, the power of young love and all that.
Came home from work today and Creature had made lemon cake, and having spent over an hour yesterday morning cleaning out the deep fat fryer (the least popular job ever) I made a batch of 'doughnut holes'. These came about from a previous occasion when I made doughnuts and then fried the bits that I had chopped out to make the rings ... and it was generally agreed that the holes were more yummy than the doughnuts, so now we just have holes instead.
Hexipuff knitting has been continuing apace and this evening I made another four, including this lovely hairy prickly one from camel yarn
I stayed up rather late last night, deeply involved in 'Before I go to Sleep' by S.J. Watson, about a woman with amnesia, gripping stuff and apparently due to be made into a film. Review to follow tomorrow as I sat and finished it when I came home from work this afternoon.


  1. Might send daughter to this one. She's 12 and cautious... is it ok for that age do you think (certificates aren't always right!)?


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