Friday 14 September 2012

More Hexipuffs - Fibre Arts Friday

I have been neglecting the Hexipuffs recently so after finishing the recent projects I thought I would go back and do a few more. I did buy some new yarn at Purl City a few weeks ago, three hanks of Mirasol Akapana, and have used the blue here. It is a baby lama/merino blend and is wonderfully soft. The baby sized ones are mainly from leftover sock yarn that I bought for the Sasha Cardigan. Hexipuffs are nice because I can leave them lying around the sofa and they just mingle in with the other cushions. There was a vague plan to try and do the Beekeeper Quilt by Christmas but I don't think that is going to happen at the current rate. 
Linking back to the Fibre Arts Friday, pop over and see some other creations.


  1. Oh Yay hexipuffs. I have 10 plus done a year ago, but they have been neglected. Your pretty colors might just get me inpired to revisit that project

  2. The hexipuffs do seem to be a good way to use up remnants.

  3. I have never knit a hexipuff. I can't imagine that I want to sew them all together. I am fascinated by all of them I see other people make though. I love your counter on the side of your blog though. I look forward to seeing your beekeepers quilt.


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