Wednesday 26 December 2012

Half a Penny

The half penny was removed from circulation in this country in December 1984, twenty eight years ago, but somehow I found one lying on the street a few weeks ago. Added to the rest of my findings from this year it comes to £39.28½ (edited 31/12/2012). It is a curiously close figure to last year's collection of £40.50. I think we will have to wait a few more years to discover if it is statistically significant. I keep the coins in a little drawer and my end of year perk is to go out and buy a little treat. Last year, while Dunk browsed the Apple Store, I drifted casually into the Monsoon sale and came away with a lovely red velvet coat. I think that might be the place to go this year too.


  1. If you save up for 3 years, you can get that long purple velvet coat we saw in town!

  2. Blimey, you obviously do quite well when it comes to lost coins. I wonder how the half penny came to be in the street, surely it hadn't lain there all this time!

  3. I actually remember the OLD halfpenny - and ten bob notes!

    Very best wishes for the new year


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