Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dog Awareness Week

Apparently this week is 'Dog Awareness Week'. This really badly photoshopped image accompanies Royal Mail's ongoing efforts to remind us not to get bitten. In addition to reminding us not to put ourselves at risk and not to accept owners assurances about the behaviour of their dogs, it is nice to read on the posters that they are also working with doggy type organisations to raise awareness amongst owners of the importance of keeping their animals under control. I know the vast majority of dog owners are nice responsible people, so thank you in advance, but in the spirit of the occasion here are a few reminders:

  • In the nice weather it is lovely to sit in the garden with your dog ... please do not wander off and leave the dog unattended, you won't get your post.
  • Big dogs jumping up at small gates make me very nervous, I probably will not even come close enough to hand you your letters.
  • Having your front door standing open is lovely for the fresh air but will also make me nervous - I will call out hello to see if anyone comes but we have been advised to walk away if in any doubt.
  • I know it's the holidays but children should not be left in charge of dogs in the garden.
  • Also remind your children not to open the door to the postman when the dog is going berserk in the hall.
  • If you haven't used your garden much recently please ensure all fences and gates are secure and check for places where small dogs might get out.

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