Wednesday 7 August 2013

HESFES bunnies

Hesfes this year was another triumph (last year's post). Last year I posted loads of photos from the cabaret so this year I thought I would include all the other random stuff that went on. 
HESFES bunnies made their first of, I hope, many appearances. Knitted to this pattern, I made a dozen and hid them randomly around the site and to hopefully be discovered, taken home and cherished.
I made fruit salad for breakfast. This is kind of symbolic because my memory of our first home ed gathering, an EO event at Featherstone Castle, was of having fruit salad for breakfast, something that had never previously occurred to me.
So, as an event for all ages, here are some of the things that the attendees got up to.
The very tiny people in the toddler tent:
other random small people making stuff in the cowshed:
the workshops 3 marquee was home to the recycled clothing workshop:
the bee tent was open two days and people got kitted up for a close encounter with the bees:
the grown ups spent time listening to Fiona who seemed to be chatting away most lunchtimes about home ed stuff:
and again, large groups regularly congregated in the main marquee for all sorts of strange performances:
And here is the Boy doing his debut performance:


  1. Now I am missing it again! The bunnies were the best idea ever!

  2. Now I am missing it again! The bunnies were the best idea ever!

  3. Nice bunnies! You're so talented. And it looks like you had a good time.


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