Wednesday 18 September 2013

A mountain of hexipuffs

A heap... a load, a mass, a stack, a mound, an accumulation, a stockpile, an agglomeration? I am searching for an appropriate collective noun for hexipuffs. There are now officially 'a lot'. Two hundred and seventy nine to be precise. I cleaned and tidied the living room this morning and gathered yarn from under the little tables and kept finding hexipuffs in amongst it, and so decided to do an update on the count. There are also sixty three for the 'Baby Beekeeper' project. We have been doing them in fits and starts, abandoning them completely for weeks at a time and then adding a dozen.  
My current favourites have been these, done with something fluffy striped with pink silk.
Thinking about how lovely they felt when creature and I laid them out on the floor I think maybe I've found the right word ... how about a squidginess of hexipuffs?

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