Monday 13 January 2014

Work whinge of the week: Americus Callahan

(Apparently) in June 1902 Americus Callahan patented the first window envelope and I have spent much of the last eleven years cursing him. It's all very nice that they save people time and money not to have to write the name and address on the outside of their envelopes but these things are the bane of my working day; the number of companies who don't bother ensuring that the address on the letter lines up correctly with the window causes endless annoyance. The worst offender has got to be Virgin Media who regularly send out large A4 adverts and as they are flung through the sorting machine the letter inside shifts so that only the postcode is showing. Now when you're sorting in the office it's mostly a simple matter of a gentle tap on the bench to put things right, but take the same letter, squashed in a  bundle of mail, creased at the edges and damp from the rain and the chances of being able to see the house number is negligible, so you have to tear away at the edge of the window to expose the printing on the letter inside, all the while muttering curses on the head of the previously unknown creator of this most infuriating of stationery. Damn him!
Ah well, at least it didn't rain today.

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  1. Funny. Did you get that information on Wikipedia? There's a Wikipedia page for everyone and everything these days.


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