Monday, 4 August 2014

Hair Dye for HesFes

My daughters have been dyeing their hair for years, Tish mostly red and Monkey mostly bright multicolours. In fact at one stage I think even Lewis dyed his black. I am very conservative about my hair, having worn it long most of my life and never done anything radical to it. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have been to the hairdresser in my entire life.
But in the spirit of wild and recklessness I decided to take the plunge for HesFes.
This is my normal mid-brown, nondescript colour:
 I allowed the Meister (who is fourteen going on twenty five) to put some peroxide on my hair, (we did her hair turquoise after it was bleached). This was just so the colour would show up a bit more but I didn't want to lighten the whole lot:
 And then Monkey did the deed, no turning back now:
I had to go to work like this and was subjected to a few curious looks and sarcastic comments. It looked completely fabulous for about four or five days but has now faded to a soft blue. I made the mistake of sitting in the sun and actually washing my hair a couple of times. I think however that I have caught the bug and will be picking a different shade when this one washes out.

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