Friday 12 September 2014

Welcome to the Monkey House

We have been joking for weeks that it has all been just a game, but the deed is finally done. The last of my offspring has flown the coop. Yesterday I drove Monkey, with most of her worldly goods, down to the wonderful and exotic Golders Green, where she will be sharing a house with four other monkeys. She has a couple of days to herself and then the others will gradually be joining her in the metropolis. 
 She nobly offered to take the tiny bedroom; we have tried to make it feel cosy and personal but there will definitely be no cat swinging:
 After a trip to Tesco, a five minute walk away across the Hendon Way, we toured the delights of Golders Green high street, with its many delicious smelling kosher bakeries, and then came back and ate some tea with an episode of Gilmore Girls. It was very strange to say goodbye on the doorstep and drive away leaving her there. 
There will no doubt be regular updates of goings on in London once the Year of the Monkey gets started in a couple of weeks time. 
Reading etc has all still been happening recently but I have been a bit taken up with preparations for the move. Hopefully I will do a few catchup posts over the weekend.


  1. My goodness I could not share a house with that many people. In fact, there's only one person I've been able to live with in my whole life, and I'm marring her! XD

  2. I had been expecting lots of blog posts actually, since there is no Facebook wasting time happening! But really...well done on the raising of the children. <3


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