Tuesday 16 December 2014

Christmas posting reposting

I have been at work rather a lot recently, so much so that my thermal gloves have taken a bit of a battering. I spent a peaceful hour after dinner today darning the finger holes with colourful yarn, a kind of decorative mending. 
Anyway it is that time of year again, in fact a little late I confess, to remind you all about the do's and don'ts for Christmas posting. I am reposting an abbreviated version of my post from two years ago with advice for anyone putting cards into the postal system at this particularly busy time of year.
  • Know the correct address of your friends and family  - use the postcode and always write their full name, not just 'Grandma' or 'Steve, Patricia and Family', don't assume the postie will know who your auntie is and where she lives.
  • Write neatly and please do not use silver coloured pens on red envelopes.
  • Put a return address on the back (this applies to everything you put in the postal system, not just Christmas cards.)
  • Pay the correct postage, larger or thicker cards need a large letter stamp, or your f&f will be surcharged!
  • Please Please Please seal the envelopes on your cards, do not just tuck the flap inside. On the sorting frame in our office we have a nice display of cards that will never arrive at their intended recipient because an unsealed envelope has come open and the card has become separated from it (although we did manage to reunite one card with its envelope this morning.)
  • Last posting dates are 18th December for second class and 20th December for first class.
(Not official Royal Mail advice.)
(Normal posting service on this blog will resume shortly.)

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