Friday, 8 May 2015

A whole lotta knitting for Fibre Arts Friday

I haven't joined in with Fibre Arts Friday for months and months. It has been very slow going on the knitting front, though I have done quite a lot of hexipuffs. But here is a roundup of crafty stuff going on recently. 
When I went to London to see Monkey's plays I took with me the last one of the Hesfes Bunnies and planted it on the Piscator sculpture by Eduardo Paolozzi outside Euston station. I am hoping that it has found a new home by now:

Wiki Commons
Monkey has been working on a knitted backpack since last summer. It was supposed to be finished for her leaving home in September ... but better late than never. It is knitted to the Autumn Woods Bag pattern from Yarnspirations.
 Here it is being churned up in the washing machine last week:
 And here is the final effect after drawstring, toggle and straps have been added:
 I have been working on a pair of Jacquard Cushions, very slow going because the pattern is very tiny and very complicated and I am beginning to regret choosing it, but there you go. The second one will be gold with blue design. I may or may not felt them, depending on how large it is when complete:
 And, over a year after I purchased the yarn, my Bute sweater is finally done, and I have been enjoying wearing it pretty much constantly since. It is adapted from a cardigan pattern from the Rowan Magazine 52.  I am glad I tackled something a bit challenging but have sworn off fair isle knitting, it was so slow ... and the sewing in all the ends afterwards was tedious.
Linking back to Wisdom Begins in Wonder for Fibre Arts Friday, visit some of the other fibrous projects.

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  1. Love your jumper and the backpack! The cushions are going to look great and I admire your patience, I would have given up by now! Too small and complicated for me!


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