Sunday 5 June 2016

Long time no felt

I made the mistake of mowing the lawn on the bank holiday last week and the bad karma broke the mower when it was only half done, so I started today cutting the rest of the grass with shears. It's really tiring so I gave up. Then I cleaned the deep fat fryer and made doughnut dough. 
Having made a present for mum this week I decided to do a house warming gift for my niece Natalie who moved into her own place a few weeks ago. I made a set of place mats for Claire a few years ago so decided to do some more.
The hottest day of the year does lend itself very nicely to outdoor crafting:
And Dunk leaned out of the window and captured the process:
I made the large piece then cut it into quarters to achieve more even sized mats than last time.
We decided that owning a set of table mats in the mark of being proper grown up ... so here you are Nat, welcome to the adult world x

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