Thursday, 18 August 2016

Holiday nonsense

I am not one of those people who jumps on bandwagons; I see stuff on Facebook and think 'that looks interesting', but then I move on. But I was intrigued by the green smoothie thing; I do eat green stuff, but at the same time have had low level anaemia on and off over the years. I like smoothies, and during the strawberry season Monkey and I have made loads, but they tend to be pink. It being holiday, and not having to get up early for work, I decided to have a go at the Green Smoothie Challenge. Ok, they are trying to sell you their recipe book and probably have affiliate links to the very expensive smoothie machines they tout, but they do send you recipes and offer some inspiration and encouragement. I planned to shop in advance and have lots of interesting stuff to put in them, but the first morning I just went with what I had. This one has frozen spinach, one apple, two satsumas and some pumpkin seeds. It was ok. Tasty enough to decide I could stick it out.
This morning's offering is a not-so-green-smoothie. The shopping arrived, so this one has chard (something I have not bought before), banana and frozen blackberries. I decided I had better eat last year's blackberries before the new season arrives with a vengeance. It is a sad fact that I have not made very many blackberry crumbles so there is a huge bag still sitting at the back of the drawer. The seeds in the blackberries make it a little gritty but no unpleasantly so.
Oh whoops! This one has no green stuff in it at all: an Eton Mess Ice-cream Sundae at Fortes.
Dunk and I went for our annual date
to Llandudno on the North Wales coast, home to the Gwynt y Môr offshore wind farm, the second largest in the world.
 Several books have been read in the last week ... reviews to follow I promise; we are resting today after shunning both the tram and the cablecar to climb the Great Orme.
I have not posted any knitting in a long time. The yarn I had to knit a second Bressay Dress is instead being made into a Still Light Tunic (Ravelry link) that Julie bought the pattern for and we have been knitting together. I used this photo because it shows the colours properly, it won't be finished for another week.

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