Sunday 27 November 2016

Did you mean the Cinema Bookshop or the bookshop cinema?

Alternatively titled 'A random hour in Hay on Wye'. Monkey's best friend lives in the middle of the magical bookshop town of Hay. This is the second time I have dropped her off there, but the first time any of the bookshops were open, so despite the fact that I was heading off to my mum's birthday party I could not avoid taking an hour to do a tiny bit of browsing. Bookshops are everywhere, but also just random books are everywhere in Hay. This is one of many 'honesty' shops, in the grounds of Hay Castle; have a browse and put your money in the box, however it could take a long time to find a gem in amongst the rubbish. We only went in a few places, and unfortunately the Poetry Bookshop didn't open till 11. I had a list of some of the books from the 101 Books list that I was hoping to come across but I think that I would need much, much longer.
Some shops have space and order:
Some shops run on pure quirkiness:
This is Addyman Books, where you will find a bat cave, engine parts adorning the stairwells and, as you reach the summit of the building, a bed to rest on in the mountaineering section.
I have long yearned to visit Hay and this was too brief a stopover, I foresee a return trip very soon.
I bought 'Children at the Gate' by Lynne Reid Banks and 'Expensive People' by Joyce Carol Oates.

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  1. Anywhere with random books everywhere sounds like my sort of place, and please tell me there really is a bookstore that only stocks poetry! I am astonished that books can be outdoors there. Don't they get damp and mildewy? Here the humidity is so high mildew even happens indoors, sometimes.

    I have finally made a post (tomorrow's) to thank you for the delightful tote bag. It is perfectly sparkly for the holiday season! Thank you!


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