Sunday 18 March 2018

Making the house a home: Part 1

Over the few last weeks time not spent at work has mostly been 
dedicated to making the house more homey. 
A cosy curtain at the front door to keep the draughts at bay:
The back hallway has become the cloakroom, with the maps for added educational value:
The cellar is still a jumble but we are making cushions and organising the boxes so it can become a craft room:
The upstairs landing is becoming an art collage of postcards and found pictures, a work in progress that will be added to over time:
I picked up an abandoned chair from the pavement as I rode home from work the other week and Tish has decoupaged, painted and recovered it:

I helped her for a while and then decided to do my own little decoupage project:
We have a few other things still in progress so there will be more updates over the weeks to come.

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