Sunday 28 July 2019

Doing the bedrooms Part 1

Having lived with the non-colour magnolia my entire adult life I am determined that our new home will be filled with colour. Choosing colours can be quite tricky. Luckily modern capitalism gives us an almost infinite number of shades. It is the number one joy of owning the house that we can do whatever we want.
Turning the house into our home is going to be a long term project. 
Our first trip to B&Q involved (among other purchases) four large tins of undercoat paint, most of it is already gone.
Tish's room started life a very vivid yellow. 
I removed the cheap shelving from the alcove and filled random holes. We washed the walls down and started with two coats of the undercoat:

then two coats of Emperor Butterfly:

and just one roll of this striking lemur wallpaper:

Add some blinds and the transformation is complete:

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