Saturday, 28 September 2019

How to get into Manchester University

Almost exactly five years ago Monkey went off to Monkey. She had an amazing year, but learned that acting was not for her. Fast forward quite some time and discovering new interests she started teaching herself Japanese, and a plan developed to go to Japan. That plan morphed into a plan to do a degree instead, which will involved a government funded year of living and studying in Japan. Where would you want to study Japanese other than at SOAS (no longer called the School of Oriental and African Studies, just called SOAS). 
So we visited SOAS:
and admired their awesome library:
We loved SOAS

Then we visited Sheffield, they had a lovely park outside their (slightly less awesome but still nice) library:
We loved Sheffield

 Then we visited Durham, and its awesome cathedral:
(I got to go too and pretend I was a tiny person):
We loved Durham (but mostly because we know it)

Tish and Monkey went to UCLAN but failed to take a photo. 
Monkey did the Manchester visit on her own.
We now have an extensive collection of university tote bags. 
Durham did not hand out tote bags:

Meanwhile, amongst all this dashing around the country, Monkey did an access course with the Distance Learning Centre. It took her about 10 months and cost about £1200. She took her exams at home with the tutor supervising over Skype. The UCAS application went in and the offers of places came back, for all five of her applications. She didn't even expect an offer from Manchester because they wanted a B in English, so it threw a spanner in the works a little. To get a place at SOAS she needed to get nearly all distinctions in her assignments, so the pressure was pretty intense for a while. 

After she finished the course Monkey had plans to fill the next six months with stuff that she had put on hold. Instead we had to move house and it interrupted everything ... except the long circular discussion about SOAS or Manchester. SOAS was the place to go, it has so many courses to offer and it is small and everyone knows each other and it's right by the British Museum and has an awesome library and a fantastic felafel stall that sets up once a week right outside. But on the other hand, if she goes to Manchester she can stay home, have hardly any expenses, save for going to Japan, not have to stress about house mates or cooking proper food or dealing the other practicalities of life (and to be honest their library is pretty awesome too). I wanted her to go to SOAS. She wanted to go to SOAS. But we want this experience to be a success, she still needs support and there would be nothing worse than her going to London and not being able to cope, so the practical argument won the day, and it is the right decision.
So this week she went to Manchester University 
(and didn't want a first day photo taken):

This photo just because it's lovely, Dad and Monkey.

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