Friday 18 September 2020

100 Days - sixty three

So much for trying to post more, that didn't last long ... or at all. Was going to post yesterday. Came home from Dunk's and hunted on youtube for a NestlĂ© advert that we saw on the telly but couldn't find it. They had a young girl having her hair plaited up and she was the spitting image of Greta and I was fuming that they dare try and associate themselves with her, this is a company that fucking steals people's water.  Am on leave this week and it has been so nice; Dunk and I took a lovely walk down to Sale Water Park on Tuesday and then rode our bikes up to the Gorton reservoir again on Wednesday. I was supposed to be holidaying in Cornwall with mum and dad and Claire, but the local lockdown spoiled that so I am trying to just enjoy the autumnal sunshine in Manchester.
Gym and swimming and volleyball stuff just gets dumped as we come through the door so the house remains a bit of a tip, but we are all pretty fit so I'm not beating myself up about it. We have done six weeks so far and have established a good routine. I am liking the gymming more than the swimming, but some days we have even done both. I still can't do a sit-up though.
Cute photo of Lyra in one of the craft boxes. We had a new puzzle out and use the lids for pieces so she has a new favourite place to snooze.
I found this blue tub out for the bin men when I was on delivery a few weeks ago. This is a physocarpus opulifolius, it will grow to six feet or so and provide some much needed height and bushiness. It will flower in the summer and then produce berries in the autumn. I ordered two bags of compost and the tub took almost a whole one so I can see I will need more pretty quickly.
Potted up the borage plants, which are now real plants, not seedlings. They have come on a storm, enjoying the warm weather on the kitchen window sill (outside) and am looking forward to filling the garden with them next year. 
I worked a day off last week so have had two trips to the garden centre; went back a second time (with the girls to help carry) and acquired several big preloved planters. I have been looking to buy some but terracotta is quite expensive and I did not want to buy plastic, but second hand is perfectly acceptable. Am thinking of looking for spray paint to jazz them up a bit. 


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