Saturday, 17 September 2022

David Beckham, the young, the elderly ...

... and I have come to the conclusion that we must reintroduce curtseying lessons to the curriculum because ... well ... just go watch for a few minutes (it's on the BBC site, I won't bother with a link because it'll be gone on Monday). It is like some kind of weird fascination that brings me back to the live stream of the people queueing to pay their respects to a wooden box with a flag over it (we only have their word for it that the queen is in there), it is the ultimate in people watching.
We mused briefly yesterday on what would have happened if the queen had died during lockdown but mostly I am trying to avoid thinking about the abominable carbon footprint of this whole shebang.
Tish lifted the mood distinctly last night with this brilliant Twitter thread (I never share twitter stuff but this is entertaining without being in any way 'disrespectful'):

Also yesterday (somewhat too late I felt) Royal Mail decided to add to the carbon footprint of the mourning period by sending out black armbands for all employees ... I thought I might acquire one for an occasion when I might find it appropriate.

Stay safe. Be kind. God save the queue.

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