Sunday 25 December 2022

Yippie Ki Yay Crimbo 2022

While some Christmas cards might not arrive for a few weeks the ones in this photo have become separated from their envelopes and as such have fulfilled their Christmas destiny in our office. 
Christmas started early for me this year. We have been on strike. You might have noticed. So have lots of other people. You watch the right wing press trying to create a divide between the 'strikers' and the 'public', forgetting of course that the strikers are also the public. Everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is fighting not just for decent pay, but for the service that they provide. We are fighting for the future of the postal service that is being eroded and undermined. As part of some sweeping changes our customer service point will be closing in February. Customers will then have to go to Old Trafford, an extra 3 miles, to collect their packets. 

So, I'm pretty glad to see the back of 2022. It's been a weird year and it feels as if life has sunk into a bit of a slump. Work has been very difficult, with staffing issues all year, and doing more overtime than I really wanted to. Monkey finally went to Japan, but only for five months. Tish finished at the vaccination centre and had a couple of months at home but is now working at the Argos warehouse. We have had new babies arrive safely which has ended the year on the best note. Some baby knitting/crocheting has been done, though I have not finished the jumper I made for myself. I have dragged my way through thirty something books, most of which I have managed to write about, even if only briefly. Honourable mentions go to 'Bewilderment' by Richard Powers from January, 'Drive Your Plough Over the Bones of the Dead' by Olga  Tokarczuk read in the train station in February and 'A Line Made by Walking' by Sara Baume in May.

Never has a man been so wrong😛
So I end the year (though I might get another book review done) with photos of some of the people I love.
Tish and Jun on a recent night out:
Monkey (back in Japan for crimbo):
Lovely Ady (who never stops eating):
Wyatt with the cutest dimples:
And the old bloke I am somewhat fond of:
Stay safe. Be kind. Happy Christmas. 

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  1. Congrats on the new babies. Hopefully that will help end the year on a high note. I so agree about the post office. I'm so sad to see the erosion take place, but it's been happening everywhere. We sometimes go up to 5 days without deliveries, even though we know there is mail because we see our daily scans via email. It's very frustrating. I don't understand why that jerk at the top hasn't been removed. He's really ruined it for the workers and those receiving the service. Our post office was within walking distance then they closed it. The one that's next closest can't process any of our mail holds or other services so we're forced to go to the main office for anything but mailing a letter which is more than annoying. Sorry you have more overtime than you want and have to deal with the shortages. I hope 2023 improves things for you. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


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