Monday, 14 September 2009

More Knitting

So I did do some knitting over the summer. This is the top I made from Louisa Harding pure silk yarn. It feels fabulous, but has not been worn and now the summer is pretty much over. Never mind, something nice to look forward to for next year.

This is the finished cardigan for Julie's baby (due in a couple of weeks) It was started back in April and is technically the second item that I have made from my own home-dyed, home-spun yarn. Ok, not very practical for a baby as it will have to be hand washed but it will probably only fit for a few weeks (then I have to insist that it becomes a family heirloom). I started following a pattern from an old baby knits book, then got distracted and forgot which one, so I have had to invent the shaping and edging. The design was invented because I was worried that the purple would not be enough, and it was a good thing I added the undyed bits as I had only a small nugget left. I am very pleased with how it has turned out.
And here it is being modelled by the cuddly orang-utan. All my baby hats are modelled by him in the photos on Ravelry so he is my official baby substitute.

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  1. So you have been busy! The silk top looks fab. You can wear it when we go camping next year. And I just hope the baby is a cute as the orang-utan. :-) That looks like far too much work for something for a baby!
    Love Julie


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