Sunday, 13 September 2009

Oranges and Lemons

There seem to have been an awful lot of book reviews and family chat recently, and to be honest I haven't been doing much creating anything. I knitted a lovely top in raspberry silk that has yet to be photographed, and fits M much better than me, as usual. I have pretty much finished the baby cardi for Julie, which I will photograph asap. So I did sit down and do a bit of spinning last week, having not done any for ages. I had some roving bought at Rav day. We wandered round and looked at everything twice, and by the time I made my mind up people were packing up their stalls and so I bought something else on the spur of the moment as I did not want to go home empty handed. I spun this variegated orange yarn, it's quite pretty but I'm not much of an orange fan. It came in a mixed pack, and I like the other colours better.
M has been nagging all week for Lemon Meringue Pie. It is a bit of bother to make and pastry is not my strong point (probably the too-warm hands) but I dragged myself away from blog browsing this morning to make it. The girls did assist, M grating the zest and Tish whisking the egg whites.
And this afternoon we are going to see 'Dorian Gray'. Always a risk when you like the book but it looked exciting, and maybe I can persuade M to read it afterwards. We went to see 'The Time Traveller's Wife' the other week with Julie, Al and the kids. It was a lovely film, pretty faithful version of the story, the main characters well played, but then they go and spoil it by changing the ending. And don't get me started on 'The Golden Compass' ... what a travesty!

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