Sunday 27 December 2009

Family twins club

I just wanted to post this lovely photo that my dad sent of my girls with the latest addition to our family twins club, though I believe these two are the first identical ones. We went down to mum and dad's last weekend to have a little family get-together. So to introduce they are, on the left Finlay (remembered and identified as 'Fuzzy Finlay' as he has more hair), and on the right, Isaac. They belong to Carly who is my brother Bart's step-daughter. The other youngster in the photo is her son Joel.
Fraternal twins are a hereditary feature of both sides of our family, caused by a genetic propensity to produce more than one egg at a time. Both of my grandmothers bore fraternal twins, but unfortunately both sets died in infancy. My mum went on to have twins, my brothers, Giles and Bart, and then I had Tish and Jacob. Giles and his partner Cynthia also have a set of twins, Mirri and Jay, though they are IVF babies so are not strictly related to genetics. One of my other cousins on my dad's side of the family also has a set of twins, though I think out of a couple of dozen cousins she is the only one. Then to add to the story, Bart's partner Vieanne is also parent to twin girls. So it feels like we have our own exclusive family twins club.

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  1. Martine

    We have identical twin granddaughters, as well as their three year old sister.

    All children are little miracles, but identical twins are extra special aren't they?


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