Sunday 27 December 2009

Reading challenges 2010

After setting out on what was quite a demanding challenge over the last year I have given some thought to what I might pursue in the next twelve months. I am thinking that I will avoid pure numbers in favour of tackling some specific challenges.

So firstly I will be continuing with an ad hoc pursuing of my coincidental 'Orange Prize' Challenge. I have discovered incidentally over the last year that I have read quite a few of the Orange Fiction Prize winners and have a vague ongoing plan to try and read the rest. There are only 14 winners so it is not too tall an order. If any passers by wish to join me in my endeavour they are more than welcome.

Secondly is the Women Unbound, which has already been started and promises to offer ongoing interest.

Thirdly, one I found a while ago and then could not find the blog it was on again ... until this afternoon ... the Woolf in Winter Challenge
This is something more of a 'read-along', with four books being read through January and February: Mrs Dalloway, To The Lighthouse, Orlando and The Waves.

Lastly a slightly more challenging prospect is the Complete Booker. Over the years I have frequently ended up reading the Booker winner as my mum usually has a copy, so here is a starting point for either taking on some of the winners I have missed, or perhaps doing the 'pick a year' challenge and trying some of the near misses.
All in all I hope 2010 will be an interesting reading year.

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