Tuesday, 16 March 2010

bear with me

Hi dear readers, I became bored with the appearance of my blog and foolishly decided to fiddle, but am now thinking it is not the best thing, this craving for change can have it's down sides because now I find I have no 'new post' or even 'sign in' buttons at the top of the page. Maybe I should just go back to my book(s), this is what comes of getting all cocky and thinking I am now techno-chick. So please don't hurry off thinking you have arrived at the wrong blog ... order will be restored forthwith.
Instead I will send you here to Siren Voices (I am so thick I only just spotted how neat the title is) which I discovered yesterday. An ambulance man, with the most subtle ability to capture the scary and intimate moments he encounters in people's lives.
And here to Total Feckin' Eejit's Poetry Bus, and lots of interesting contributions on the subject of Stella.

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