Wednesday 8 September 2010

Like some really bad horror film ...

I am getting a bit of deja vu here as we took the same photo this time last year when Jacob departed for the far north. This time Tish left for the near north. Uni is not really starting for a fortnight but she had her new home all sorted and wanted the chance to settle in and find a job and get to know the neighbourhood.
We were sat in the car and about to leave when Tish made a joke about the boxes at her feet that contained the snakes, it says 'Keep Frozen', when the words reminded us that we had forgotten their food ... the frozen mice! So we jumped out again and packed them up with an ice pack.
However we were an hour up the road when the real drama started ... she looked down at the boxes again and shrieked that Trixie had escaped. So there we are, on the hard shoulder of the motorway, Tish in hysterics, the car packed to the roof ... and a loose snake somewhere in it. I got out and looked under the bonnet of the car, fervently hoping that it had not managed to find it's way into the engine (and more than likely died!). We had some debate about whether it might have got out before even being put in the car and should we turn round and go home. Then Tish peered again into the gap above the footwell and caught sight of a bit of snake. She had headed, of course, for the warmth, and had got behind the carpet and up inside the moulding between the glove compartment and the engine.
In a way it broke the tension, the worst had happened so nothing else could go wrong ... and it didn't. The room was nice as we remembered, the housemates are nice, we bought boxes for under the bed and stocked her food cupboard, had a lovely dinner at the Ridley Birks and then she stayed up half the night with the new housemates chatting and shooting stuff with her (toy) crossbow. I wish I was going off to uni:-)


  1. I hope it all goes well for her up here in Rainy City - which is actually warm and sunny today! and for you adjusting to her not being at home :(

  2. I think M is going to feel the loss most, they have spent a lot of time together over the last year ... watching CSI is not the same on your own:-( It has been very quiet and subdued today.
    much love martine

  3. I hopoe her new housemates won't mind the odd escaped snake! And yes, I'd love to be heading off to uni too. Best days of one's life.


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